Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics

Gerebakanis Haris
Plastic Surgeon
Head of the Department of Plastic-Cosmetic Surgery and the Department of Antiageing of Euromedica General Clinic

Clinic Euromedica
Vas. Olgas 82 General Clinic of Thessaloniki
3rd Floor Gravias 2 and Paraliaki Avenue
Thessaloniki 54643 54645, Thessaloniki
Tel. 2310 235393/Mob. 6946280200 Tel.:2311999100

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Contemporary Methods

Skin tightening- Local lipolisis by using Tripollar RF treatment

An advanced method of tightening and skin treatment, for the body or the face is Tripollar RF body and skin treatment.Read more.

Bloodless liposuction by using the effect of Cavitation

This method takes advantage of the effect of cavitation that can be produced by acoustic waves. Read more

Smartlipo- Laser liposuction

Liposuction by using lipolysis with laser beams is based on the fat’s property to be transformed from solid to liquid under the effect of a certain wavelength of light (laser). Read More

Fraxel Laser Skin treatment

The most advanced method of tightening and revival of the skin is the method of Fraxel laser skin treatment.Read More