Liposuction is a method of removing fat tissue through the application of a closed circuit of negative pressure, from certain body areas where fat concentrates locally.

The most common areas concern tummy, thighs, knees, buttocks or neck. This invasive method can be used independently or complementary with other plastic procedures, such as  removal of face wrinkles(face lift), breast reduction, abdominoplasty and treatment of gynecomastia.



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Due to the progress of science and technology, liposuction has become bloodless and more effective. The most advanced methods are:
  • Bloodless liposuction Cavitation
  • SmartLipo liposuction



Bloodless liposuction by using the effect of Cavitation

This method takes advantage of the effect of cavitation that can be produced by acoustic waves. Adipose tissues absorb acoustic waves of high frequency. Due to cavitation effect, small areas of vacuum are created in their interior causing rupture to the membrane of adipocytes that are contained in adipose tissues. By that means, targeted lipolisis and liposculpture is achieved.

The absorption of lipolisis products goes through the organism itself and the result is quick and permanent. Due to the fact that this method is non-invasive (bloodless), there are the following advantages:


  • no anesthesia is required
  • there are no other effects (scars, recovery period etc.)
  • stay at the clinic is not required
  • daily routine of the person who undergoes therapy is not disturbed

Further down, you can watch informative video on the method.



The following video points out how effective this method is and the way that acts on the selected area without influencing other tissues besides adipose tissue.


Smartlipo liposuction

The progress of Medical science and technology made possible the bloodless alternative of classical liposuction. The most advanced alternative method of classical liposuction is liposuction by using laser beams (SmartLipo).

Liposuction by using lipolysis with laser beams is based on the fat’s property to be transformed from solid to liquid under the effect of a certain wavelength of light (laser). This property allows plastic surgeon to remove as many fat tissues as possible without causing hematomas, scars or other consequences.

This method is slightly invasive and is carried out by using local anesthesia while an extremely thin tube is inserted (of a diameter of 1-2 mm) that directs the beam of laser and the suction hose pipe.

An important advantage of this method is that the consequences on human body are minimum; therefore, a stay at the clinic isn’t required and the person’s daily routine is not affected. The results are direct and permanent.

By watching the following informative video you can find more details about this method and also see pictures before and after treatment:.

This method can be combined with Cavitation method of liposculpture or the tightening method by using Tripollar RF technology, so that better results can be achieved.

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